Upcoming Seminar concerning ICC List Counsel – 16-17 July 2015

On 16-17 July 2015, Dr Fabián O. Raimondo, Assistant Professor of Public International Law, Maastricht University, is hosting a Seminar directed exclusively to ICC List Counsel.  The program is topical, relevant and practical.

Moreover, the Registrar will not only present his proposal for restructuring the Registry under the ReVision project, but will also engage the participants in what promises to be a lively discussion on many of the issues related to his vision and expectations on restructuring two of the most critical sections deemed by many List Counsel as essential in their representation of their clients: the OPCD and OPCV. See my prior post on  Establishment of a Victims and Defence Office at the ICC.

Also scheduled is round-table discussion with the Registrar on the establishment of an association by, for and of List Counsel and others practicing at the ICC.  The Registrar has been provided with a draft constitution for an association, which was circulated to List Counsel for their comments.  (Draft – English / French; commentary English / French).  Presumably, negotiations with the Registrar will begin in earnest in the very near future.

This conference presents List Counsel with an exquisite opportunity to have direct input with the Registrar and to be heard on a variety of pressing issues. It is also great opportunity to get current on the law and practice at the ICC, as well as to exchange ideas and experiences.

If you can make it to the conference, I urge you to do so. Critical issues near and dear to List Counsel hang in the balance.  Without participation in conferences such as this one, few voices (and far too often only the same ones) are heard.

Click here to see the program.

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Author: Michael G. Karnavas

Michael G. Karnavas is an American trained lawyer. He is licensed in Alaska and Massachusetts and is qualified to appear before the various International tribunals, including the International Criminal Court (ICC). Residing and practicing primarily in The Hague, he is recognized as an expert in international criminal defence, including pre-trial, trial, and appellate advocacy.

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