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The ADC-ICTY has published the Proceedings of the ADC-ICTY Legacy Conference, which includes The Rights of the Accused, an article by
Michael G. Karnavas.

On 10 December 2014, Michael G. Karnavas was elected as one of the two permanent members of the Disciplinary Appeals Board of the
International Criminal Court (ICC).  The ICC Disciplinary Organs for counsel, consisting of the Disciplinary Board, the Disciplinary Appeals Board,
and the Disciplinary Commissioner, are established in accordance with Articles 33.1, 36, and 44 of the Code of Professional Conduct for counsel

8 November 2014, Michael G. Karnavas delivered the Keynote Address at the ethics training held by the Association of Defence Counsel Practising
Before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ADC-ICTY) in The Hague, The Netherlands.

On 5 June 2014 The International Legal Resource Center (ILRC), a joint project of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP), completed UNDP/HQ: Implementing New Penal Codes. This compilation was prepared in response to a request
for information on implementing new penal codes. The report includes the professional views of nine experts. They have shared this feedback on
behalf of the ILRC, but in their own capacity. Team leaders, Kevin Maguire and Michael G. Karnavas, reviewed each section and provided further
guidance where needed. Maguire & Karnavas also authored the section entitled: A Practitioner's Perspective. A link to the report will be posted here
as soon as it is available.

On 16 April 2014, Michael G. Karnavas delivered a lecture on Conflicts of Interest at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
(ICTY) in The Hague, hosted by the Association of Defence Counse (ADC-ICTY).

On 27 February 2014, Michael G. Karnavas delivered a Seminar at the Brown University International Organization (BRIO), Red Lines and Game
Changers—The Legality of Unilateral or Collective Use of Force in Syria.

On 26 February 2014 Michael G. Karnavas presented a lecture at the Brown University International Organization (BRIO), in Providence, Rhode
Island:  Just how relevant is the ICC? A viable court of last resort or a politicized court of low expectations.

On 24 January 2014, Michael G. Karnavas delivered a lecture entitled Judicial Ethics in the International Tribunals, at the ADC-ICTY’s 12th
Defence Symposium.

The inaugural issue of The Cambodia Law and Policy Journal, Issue 01, January 2014, p. 29, has published an article by Michael G. Karnavas:  
Bringing Domestic Cambodian Cases into Compliance with International Standards – Applicability of ECCC Jurisprudence and Procedural
Mechanisms at the Domestic Level.

On 7 January 2014, The Cambodia Daily, quoted Michael G. Karnavas in an article on commencement of an investigation by international lawyers
into allegations of criminal conduct by the Cambodian government and security forces in the months since the July 2013 election.

On 16 December 2013, The Cambodia Daily, published an OpEd by Michael G. Karnavas entitled: KRT Judges Maintain Pretense of Interest in
Next Mini-Trial.

On 7 December 2013, Michael G. Karnavas lectured on Fair Trial Rights and Defences in International Criminal Law at the Royal University of
Law and Economics (“RULE”) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

On 29 November 2013, Michael G. Karnavas participated in the first ADC-ICTY Legacy Conference in the context of the ICTY’s 20th
anniversary, and moderated a panel discussion on the fundamental rights of the accused, focusing on the equality of arms, right of confrontation,
and right to appeal. For more see Michael’s blog The ADC-ICTY Legacy Conference: Lawyers for the damned ruminate and reminisce (December 4,
2013) and the article based on the presentation The Rights of the Accused.

On 13-14 September 2012, Michael G. Karnavas participated in the conference on Hybrid Perspectives on the Legacies of the Extraordinary
Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), organized by the ECCC and the Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee, in Phnom Penh,
Cambodia, and delivered a presentation titled Internationalizing domestic cases – Applicability of ECCC cases at the domestic level. The conference
was aimed at fostering debate among a variety of experts and stakeholders on the ECCC’s legacies in a domestic, regional and global context.  To
view the program, please click here.
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